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Shreeji Cotfab Ltd. (900kWp) Neemrana-Rajasthan.

Established in the year of 1995, Shreeji Cotfab Limited India is the leading manufacturer, wholesaler, trader and exporter of Cotton Yarn, Melange Yarn, Hosiery Yarn, PC Yarn and other types of yarns in India. We focus mainly on production of yarn from waste / Recycled materials. Our Yarns are used for the purpose of Weaving Knitting/hosiery. Yarns manufactured by Shreeji Cotfab are available within the range of 6-30s.

Solar Capacity- 900 kWp
C02 Emission Reduce-  32.7 Metric Tones  

Shreeji Cotfab LTD. Plot No.14B RIICO, Neemrana, Rajasthan

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